WooCommerce Bulk Attributes

Our WooCommerce Bulk Attributes WordPress plugin is the fastest way to add dozens…no, thousands of WooCommerce Products attributes terms in seconds
to your online shop! All of this without asking you to go to your functions.php file an sttruggle with php codes….

WooCommerce Bulk Attributes

Version 2.3 has just been released! Grab your copy and check it out!

You have been searching for this plugin for years! We have built it for you! No more need to hire a freelancer to carr out this task for you! Bulk upload thousands of WooCommerce products attributes to your store without writing a line of code, or running some risky SQL insert queries

Easily Add Woocommerce Bulk Attributes

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WooCommerce Bulk Attributes Features

WooCommerce Bulk Attributes

Bulk Attributes Upload

Have thousand of attributes terms, product charateristics, but can’t enter them one by one in WooCommerce? You’re right, we have been trhought this…..and created this little handy plugin that do the job for you. Just copy and paste comma separated values in it…..

Support Attributes Hierarchy - WooCommerce Bulk Attributes

Attributes Hierarchy

Dealing with hundreds of products sometimes lead to the need for WooCommerce attributes to be hierarchically sorted. We support adding your thousand of attributes under a parent one, giving you a better sorting and organisation or your products specs…..

Upload thousands of Attributes - WooCommerce Bulk Attributes

Unlimited Attributes

Don’t worry about how many attributes you can import at a time, just paste in your comma delimited list of attributes and send them in! Our plugin wil also fetch out any custom created attributes you need to upload bulk terms to and display it….

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