How to Install Woocommerce Bulk Attributes Plugin

Step by step WordPress Plugin installation

Plugin installation is classic for all wordPress plugins. Once you’ve made your purchase, you will receive link to download the plugin. Or you can find this url in your account on our site.

  1. Access your WordPress Phgin installation page [] or go to : Plugins > Add New.

    Woocommerce Bulk Attribute Plugin - How To install - Upload1

  2. Browse where you saved the plugin and upload it to your WordPress

    Woocommerce Bulk Attribute Plugin - How To install - Upload2

  3. Once upload is complete, Activate the plugin
    Woocommerce Bulk Attribute Plugin - How To install - Upload2
  4. You now a fully functionnal plugin that will allow you to add multiple attributes to woocommerce! And it even support Attributes terms hierarchy!
    You will find Woocmmerce Attributes Plugin in : “Products > Bulk Add Attributes”

    howto install WooCommerce Bulk Attribute Plugin in WordPress

Now you can enjoy using WooCommerce Bulk Attributes Plugin. More detail in upcoming post. We will give details about how to import attributes in bulk to WooCommerce.

Published by James Munford Manager. This project started as a little tool to help me in my own projects and finally after several request I set it up for public usage and allow any WooCommerce user facing this issue to have a simple way to manage WooCommerce Bulk Attributes importing.

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