How To Import Bulk WooCommerce Attributes

This post follows the previous one, in a series of post explaining how our WooCommerce Bulk Attributes Plugin can be helpful for a shop owner.  This post explain how to use this plugin to add multiple woocommerce attributes at once, easily, safely and even supporting hierarchy attributes terms

So we supposed, for this tutorial, that you have already installed WooCommerce Bulk Attribute plugin. And that it is already active. If not yet, grab your copy here.


Adding multiple attributes to Woocommerce

  1. Acces the plugin page at Products > Bulk Add Attributeshowto install WooCommerce Bulk Attribute Plugin in WordPress
  2. You will have access to this page. The page content is organized very simply to let you use the plugin in the most convenient way.woocommerce bulk add attributes plugin presentation 1

    The drop down list, allows you to select the attribute under which you want to add terms in bulk. This list depend of the existing attributes you have already created in your WordPress environnement.

  3. So we click on “Brand & Models” which is the attribute we want to add child-terms to. Once you select an attributes, the box expand to display the form that will allow you to import your hundreds of attributes.bulk add woocommerce attributes plugin presentation 2
  4. Now copy and pasted your prepared list of attributes into the box “Add Attributes”. You can also type them in, and separate each value by a comma.
    In our case, we have a list of Samsung cell phones models, we wanted to add under the parent attribute term designing the Samsung Brand.bulk add woocommerce attributes plugin presentation 3
  5. Now click on ” Add terms” Button. and the work is done in the background.
    Currently 75 child attriubutes terms were added to Samsung parent term…..woocommerce bulk add attributes plugin presentation 4
  6. We can confirm the process by going to our Woocommerce products attributes page : Products > Attributes .
    woocommerce bulk add attributes plugin presentation 5
    Attributes seems to be added without hierarchy support….???
    Just click on the button near the arrow up at far right

    attributes added with hierarchy support
    attributes added with hierarchy support


That’s all for today… Hope you enjoy! don’t hesitate to send us your feedback, either here in comments, or by sending us a contact inquiry from the home page!

Published by James Munford Manager. This project started as a little tool to help me in my own projects and finally after several request I set it up for public usage and allow any WooCommerce user facing this issue to have a simple way to manage WooCommerce Bulk Attributes importing.

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