WooCommerce Bulk Attributes Plugin


The fastest way to add multiple….thousands of WooCommerce Products attributes terms in seconds!

  • Support Unlimited Woocommerce Attributes and Attributes terms
  • Support Woocommerce attributes terms hierarchy
  • Support attributes and attributes terms bulk import multi form

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WooCommerce Bulk Attributes Plugin


Do you use Woocommerce plugin? While dealing with your Woocommerce products, you surely use attributes and attributes terms, those little handy elements allowing you to define additionnal characteristics or informations for each product!

So there comes in Woocommerce Bulk Attributes Manager! We have built this tool from scracth while dealing ourselves with Woocommerce products with multiples attributes. Adding attributes to Woocommerce store is a time consumming job!

Our plugin is there to get the headache out of it by allowing you to do it simply!


  • Bulk attributes upload
  • Support attributes hierarchy
  • No limit for number of attributes to be imported
  • New feature: Bulk delete attributes from Woocommerce (since version 3.0)


Main Features

We have extended the basic plugin we built first, based on our 20 first customers and have now added some features

WooCommerce Bulk AttributesHave thousand of attributes terms, product charateristics, but can’t enter them one by one in WooCommerce? You’re right, we have been trhought this also…and then came out of it by creating this little handy plugin that do the job for you. Just copy and paste comma separated values in….our WooCommerce Bulk Attributes

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