Woocommerce bulk attributes Plugin features

WooCommerce Bulk Attributes Main Features

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Woocommerce Bulk Attributes WordPress plugin is a plugin we developped to allow, WooCommerce users to add multiple products attributes in bulk to their shop.

That was a very frustrating issue among WooCommerce shop owners that were, until now, forced to add attributes one by one, and manually to their stores.

We too we faced this issue and as a result we build this plugin as an addon that will bring this nice little feature to your WooCommerce shop and ease your daily tasks!

Woocommerce bulk attributes version 1.5 main features

Woocommerce Bulk Attributes Plugin, comes bundled ith this features:

  • Insert Bulk Attributes

    The plugin, once installed, allows you to insert multiple (hundreds) attributes to your woocommerce online shop. Currently, support format for the list you can insert is comma separated values (CSV file).

  • Attributes Hierarchy Support

    For a better organisation of your attributes terms, we have added, in version 1.2 support for WooCommerce Attributes Hierarchy. This means you could insert hundreds of attributes terms and choose to add them as child term under another. Or even add multiple terms and set them as parent attributes terms…. Almost any combination is possible!

  • No Limits!

    We often receive this question form customer asking how many attributes could they apste into the form to insert at one time…. The answer is: the number of attributes you have at hand to insert. In fact we have built our tool to support any number of attributes terms list (CSV format). The only limitation is set by your own hosting servers specifications. So don’t worry for that!

Buy your copy now!

For the launch of our plugin, we made it available for less than it's value, to enable the majority of Woocommerce shop owners to have a working solution for this issue!

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