Woocommerce Bulk Attributes Version 2.3 released

We are happy to release this bug fix release of our Bulk Attributes plugin.

This release fixes the issues faced since the WooCommerce 3.x upgrade and assure better compatibility.

Users who already bought the plugin are invited to download the latest version.

Release Changelog:

  • WooCommerce 3.x compatibility bug fixes
  • Minor code improvements


How to update your existing plugin

  1. Head to wordpress plugin menu and deactivate the current plugin
  2. Once the plugin is deactivated, delete it, don’t worry about your attributes being removed, they are safely stored in Woocommerce database tables
  3. Now download the latest plugin from your account : https://www.woocommercebulkattributes.com/my-account/downloads/
  4. and install the new version


Published by James Munford

WooCommerceBulkAttributes.com Manager. This project started as a little tool to help me in my own projects and finally after several request I set it up for public usage and allow any WooCommerce user facing this issue to have a simple way to manage WooCommerce Bulk Attributes importing.

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